NECKLACE SET - aespa 'Armageddon : The Mystery Circle' POP-UP MD

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1. Item : NECKLACE SET (Necklace 1pc, Photo Card 1pc, Guarantee Card 1pc)
2. Material : 925 SILVER, PAPER
3. Size : Necklace Chain 420, Pendant 22 X 25 ~ 28 X 25, Photo Card 55 X 85, Guarantee Card 55 X 85 (MM)
4. Made in Korea
5. Manufacture Date : 2024.05
6. Weight : 110g


- This product is intended for people over the age of 14 and is not intended for children.
- The color of the product may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the monitor specifications.

1. Polish the necklace carefully with a soft cloth after use and store in the original pouch to avoid direct sunlight.
2. Avoid contact with humidity (sweat, salt water, etc.) and any friction not to damage the product.
3. Avoid contact with cosmetics (e.g. Perfume, Hair products) not to damage the product.
4. Avoid contact with hard objects that cause scratches or other damage.
5. Compensation is not provided for damages due to customer mishandling. Please follow the care guide above.
6. Size may vary depending on measurement method and it is not subject to a return or an exchange.
7. There may be scratches due to friction between products.

[925 Silver Instructions]
1. 925 silver is 92.5% silver and has a soft characteristic, and pulling or bending with excessive force may cause deformation or breakage.
2. Due to the manufacturing process of 925 silver, micro-scratches and stains may occur. They are not considered defects and are not grounds for exchange or return.
3. In case of tarnish, the tarnish can be removed with a cleaner specifically for silver or a polishing cloth.
4. It is 925 silver product minimized allergies, but it varies depending on the individual's sensitivity. Please refer to it before purchasing.
5. Due to the nature of material, there may be small bubbles, especially in the wide surface, which occur during the manufacturing process.

Estimated Shipping Period: 9/3/24 - 9/13/24

NECKLACE SET - aespa 'Armageddon : The Mystery Circle' POP-UP MD

NECKLACE SET - aespa 'Armageddon : The Mystery Circle' POP-UP MD